3 R for Publishing a manuscript

As a writer, you may be contemplating an approach to tell your story. Typically there are two approaches:

  1. Book length
  2. Short stories or Essays

Publishing a manuscript, with either of the above approaches, can be daunting (irrespective of how much are you thinking through the details). Based on experience of successful and not so successful authors, following tools are helpful through the process of publishing:

  1. Researching: As a writer one needs to be updated with relevant info in your field of interest. There are many tools which help you gather content without you hunting for it. One widely used tools is Feedly, it helps you compile per topic information available over the internet and send them to you at a frequency you want it. Similar tools with slight variance are Inoreader, NewsBlur, and InBox My Articles.
  2. Revising: While revising your content you may be thinking of how do I improve my style of writing or is my writing style similar to an Author I follow. Not to worry, following tools will help you revise and improve writing style – I Write Like, Hemingway App, The Writer’s Diet, The Up-Goer Five Text Editor, After the Deadline. While these tools cannot be a substitute for a professional editor, it sure will reduce number of iterations.
  3. Reviewing: If you are writing a long-form text which involves more than hammering away at the keys until you’re done, take a look at Scrivener. It is helpful while collecting research, ordering fragmented ideas, shuffling index cards in search of that elusive structure. For those who do not want to / cannot invest in a tool using Google Docs (part of Google Drive) or Offline Office (Microsoft One Drive). Few Publishers may ask for HTML version (or if you are web writer ) of your text. For such requirement, use Markdown (free tool).

Last but not the least, once you have your manuscript ready, you need to track you submissions. Tools like Submittable or Duotrope may help you depending upon which Publisher or Editors you are engaging with.

Happy writing!!

Once your story is ready for the world (i.e. completed eBook), you have a choice to leverage ReadMyStori platform for unbiased opinion and Author Analytics.

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