Kid’s mind during vacation – idle? Should they read? If yes, How?

While we all talk about kids to relax during vacation (especially in today’s cut throat competition), they also need to have fun.

Would you agree books are one such medium? With scorching heat outside during the day, would it be great to have a book in hand (printed or eBook) and something to sip on the side. As parents you would like to wish those mobile games should stop working for a while and let them pick up the books and enjoy the characters within. If your kids have less attention span short stories would be ideal. 

On one hand we know children who read for pleasure are likely to do significantly better at school than their peers. They become better writers with larger vocabularies, and most significantly, tend to develop stronger critical thinking skills. On the other hand, how do we ensure kids who shy away from reading (even if they can read) should enjoy the time reading books.

Of course an easy way, for most parents, is to keep nagging (read pushing), incentivising (read bribing), criticising his/her choice and many such methods, are going to deter the child from reading.

Now, the key question, how to turn their resistance into eagerness. Some of the following should work. Feel free to share your methods / tactics which worked for you. It might work for someone else too.

  1. Look out for topics which are related to their interests and hobbies
  2. Activity based reading (for e.g. make different parts of an aeroplane or windmill and then assemble them, also find information like, Are the wings of a plane smaller or larger than the body of the plane and Why)
  3. Let older children read to them, they enjoy showing off their skills to an admiring younger one
  4. Children should see you reading in your spare time
  5. Let them read aloud an interesting passage in a book or newspaper (don’t force them to read every word right)

Explore eBooks on ReadMyStori App, if you think our eBooks are good reads, do refer us to your friends and family. Look forward to hear from you on best practices which have worked for you to get your kid to read.

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ReadMyStori Blog

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