Steps to self-publish an eBook

Have you decided to publish an eBook? Are you skeptical? The good news is, it’s easy to publish than you think. Usually, for quick references, authors go through blogs and videos on YouTube to understand the process. If you ask Authors who may have gone through that path – they would say its not by just pushing a button.

Having done some research you may have put some thoughts into your strategy to self-publish. It will be fair to ask a question, how would a Publisher execute this effort i.e. what are the different tasks e.g. editing, marketing, publicising, and of course writing the book. You are headed in the right direction.

We recommend following steps (listed below) based on our research. Remember, ReadMyStori is not a Publishing platform, we enable you to reach out with your eBook to a wider audience and learn from analytics. Analytics enables you to take a more informed decision.

  1. Write a “Value to Reader” book: Gather your thoughts and start detailing them to ensure a reader connects emotionally or practically (depending upon the theme of your book).
  2. Get your book edited: Most successful authors get their books professionally edited (including Amish and Chetan). Get your book edited from “Book Editor”. Having said that, there are very few successful Authors who have edited their won books.
  3. Convert into an eBook: While converting into an eBook format (e.g. from MS Word to PDF or ePUB) the first thing you will notice is to create a book cover. Book cover should be attractive, as it has to stand out between a lot of eBooks. Formatting comes second (different types of layouts), followed by conversion (i.e. PDF / ePUB).
  4. Find ways of reaching out to the World: Approach distribution channels which can take your book in front of a reader base distributed across the world. Amongst others, Amazon has created an interesting program for self-publishing authors.
  5. Promote your eBook: While the first step is to write the book, you should also be thinking about promoting the book from day one.

If you have started to weigh your options to self-publish, hope this blog post gives you enough pointers to act on. Feel free to share your comments below or write in to us at

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