Authors: Wouldn’t it be great to know about your readers?

About 5 years ago, an author would rely on methods like book retailer’s on the ground intelligence or a booking agent or a marketing agent. Now, with the increased use of internet over smart devices the market is driving in more means of gathering market intelligence. Such is the effect, that it is closing down good-old book shops. Readers started buying online, they started creating a list of books they plan to read (wish list), they get to compare books based on comments others have shared.

How would a writer / publisher find its reader base? A small sample of readers would follow you on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, PInterest, etc). However, a larger set of readers would be available with either the physical book stores or online book stores (Amazon and Flipkart’s of the world). Now, online bookstores do not share demographics of the reader base (even with the Publishers). Not many people, in these online book store, know why to share readership info with the Publishers or Authors.
 Feel free to share your inputs.

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