Category of books growing on ReadMyStori app – Children (from Pratham Books)

While at Publishing Next Conference came across Pratham Books ( and the good + innovative methods they are bringing into Publishing domain. Earlier, had heard about them in Social Media. Came across different categories of books for different age and easy to read. Each book bringing a social message as well.

They are easy to read on Readmystori App, font size is just about right (not too big and not too small either) for smartphones.

Since we track analytics for each and every book, we saw a rise in readership base. That’s the motivation for Pratham Books, they want to reach out to a wider audience and create awareness and increase literacy amongst kids of certain age group.

We are honoured to partner with Pratham Books! We wish them a huge success.

Following are sample books covers. If you have not read them, will urge you to download them on Readmystori App.

Pratham Books

Going Home Going to a wedding Kato Clever and the Big Trouble Rain-RainSaboo and Jojo Too Many Bananas Too much noise Vayu, the Wind

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