Know your Author: Gauri Dange

To begin with Gauri Dange does not require any introduction. She has been a successful Author and published by different Publishers. Readmystori is happy to introduce her latest book “Three-dog Night, a Viva Voce Novel”. This is Gouri Dange’s third novel and fifth book. HarperCollins India released this book in February 2014. A sequel will be out later this year, tentatively titled, Viva Reloaded. Those of you who follow her blogs, one of them being, would know about “Every Friday Novel” effort. Three-dog Night and other two books are available on Readmystori app for you to read and share your inputs with her.

Following is a brief on her book: 

As Vibhavari Pradhan turns sixty-one, she decides to speed up the process of ‘going junglee’, as her husband put it. But just as she has begun to back-pedal, de-clutter, disengage, go monochrome and all the other things people her age are supposed to do, life comes romping in again, with all its insistent, multi-coloured demands – from the Mumbai underworld to the hills of Nepal and dales of Scotland!

Viva deftly bats the googlys and doosras that life throws at her, playing her second innings with an inventive grace. Three-Dog Night is imbued with all the drama of a life passionately lived, with nerve and verve.

Few excerpts from her book:

If I remember right, men who fancied seeing a woman in lingerie got her that lingerie – they didn’t point her to the lingerie store, for god’s sake. Really, what a passive stingy stinker this guy sounds like. And here was Moni burbling on like she had just got advance inside information about being bestowed a Padmashri on Republic Day.


How had I found myself in this utterly ridiculous spot where you jump off the trapeze and the person who has to reach out to hold you, simply folds his arms and watches? And all this in the senior-citizen’s circus?

My tears evaporated suddenly, like someone had wrenched shut a tap, and I said, ‘Your shrink is a copper-plated bastard if he’s putting these thoughts in your head…’ Don’t ask me the etymology of ‘copper-plated bastard’, but it was one of Ashwin and his batchmates’ favourite gaalis for ruthless-manipulative people.


Little black dots tumbled downwards at the periphery of my vision. Always a sign that the merry-go-round of exasperation, sadness and helplessness was going to start up in my head. A lurching centrifuge of intentions, dreams, plans, schemes, hopes, fears, lies, let downs, betrayals, promises and paperwork.


GG breaks the silence only to randomly tell us a horrible story in his chirruping voice: ‘This solid steel ladle? When I was new at my guru’s house…I must have been fourteen…I was serving boiling hot kadhi to my guru and some of his heavy-duty friends, all bosses of different areas, all sitting on the floor in a row and eating. One of his friends went on staring at me. Then when I was leaving the room after serving them, that fellow asked my guru loudly “which whore’s knicker has he been conceived in”. So I hurled the ladle at him. His forehead broke open with the steel and his skin got burnt with the kadhi.’


My mind forms the question, but there is no way that it can be asked out loud: had my daughter had a love-child and not told us? Did I have a grandchild that my daughter had simply omitted to tell me about for eight years? The words ricochet around in my head, but refuse to descend to my throat and mouth.


Sharing video links of her book “The Counsel of Strangers”, which incidentally is also available on Readmystori app (available on PlayStore and iTunes App Store).

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