How important is Book Review for Authors?

As an Author s/he pens down (or now a days types it out) based on their own style (unless they are heavily influenced by someone / some people). One question comes to mind, as a fore or hind thought, will it be liked by people at large?

So, how important is Book Review for Authors? Answer is most likely going to be a resounding – A LOT!

Now, whom should you approach? People within your circle of influence and outside your circle of influence. In the former case, close friends and family. Will they give unbiased opinion, in most cases NO. Some will sugar quote it, very few will share their honest feedback / inputs. In the later case, outside your circle of influence, how do you find out ardent readers?

How does one reach out to a wider audience? There are many ways, sharing a few below:

  1. Look for reviewers via their blogs and reach out to them (most of them have their contacts listed). While those can be professional reviews, the reach is limited.
  2. Leverage digital platform, like Readmystori, here you get readers who are unknown to you (similar to readers who are likely to buy your book)
  3. Join twitter groups (e.g. @TSBookClub), identify people who are not professional reviewers, however, are ardent readers and about to be successful Authors.

Important Note: Ensure your book is EDITED by a professional before you share it for review. Few errors and it will drive a reviewer into his/her shell. You wouldn’t want that.

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