Independence to Authors!

Readmystori provides Authors a freedom to focus on what they do best – Writing their heart out!

As they say, success of a book is 80% marketing and 20% good content. While the cliche’ is not true for all the Authors and their books, marketing is a very important element for reaching out. There are so many success stories, in the recent past, where an Author is able to sell millions of copies. Drilling down one level of Marketing and looking at current and future trends, Internet Marketing is the way to go. It is cheaper and quicker medium to reach out to a wider audience (read Readers). Also, with mobiles penetrating nearly 75% of global population with 4.5 billion subscribers, its a medium which cannot be ignored. Infact, looking at nextgen readers, an Author will have to come to terms with the reality i.e. e-Readers (iPad / Android Tablets of the world).

On the eve of India’s Independence day, reaching out to Authors who have done the hard work (i.e. writing a book) and looking to market their piece of art. As an Author, you will not have a large budget to market your book. You are probably looking for a service which enables you to:

  • reach out to a wider readership base
  • receive unbiased inputs from the readers
  • protect your copyright

Taste the sample by downloading the Readmystori app on iPad / Android Tablet. All you have to do is sign-up and verify your email address. We have eBooks of successful Authors across genres, download the eBooks and enjoy them over the long weekend.

Would love to hear from you. Feel free to share inputs / feedback/ personal views. It will help us improve and serve more Authors like you – better!

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