Adventure and Action as a genre has a growing readership in India. Readmystori In conversation with Vedanarayana Vedantham (Veda for short). He has a series on Prince Surya, first two books are available on Readmystori. Books available FREE on Readmystori App (Android PlayStore and iTunes App Store).

RMS: What inspired you to write a book?

Veda: Some of us come to a point in our lives where a certain sense of disquiet sets in in spite of things being seemingly perfect – Wonderful family, great job, financial security, close to relatives and living in a city of your choice. Yet, a sense of dissatisfaction sets in for no apparent reason. Some people call it a mid-life crisis and different people have different ways of tackling this situation. I tried various options and decided that the best way to tackle this would be through giving vent to my thoughts by creating and painting a virtual world of my own, distanced from reality – A fictitious world where supernatural creatures live and breathe. Maybe this is my childhood penchant for superheroes re-manifesting.

This book is a humble attempt at creating a superhero whose characterization is woven together from my dreams. A superhero with shades of grey. I look at this book as a chapter in a continuing series of adventures of this superhero prince.


RMS: Do you collaborate with people while describing characters in your book?

Veda: Nope, but would certainly like to brain-dance with like-minded people in future.


RMS: Any social message you are trying to convey through your fiction writing? If yes, how and why?

Veda: Perseverance, grit in the face of adversity

Read more about his books on our blog.

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