Know your Author: VadasseryThaiparambil Rakesh, Author of “The Thorough Check”

Readmystori reached out to VadasseryThaiparambil Rakesh (aka V T Rakesh) to gather his thoughts around his published book “The Thorough Check”. His eBook is available on Readmystori app. The Thorough Check, book by VT Rakesh

RMS: What inspired you to write a book?

VTR: I think the last decade was a tumultuous one for the world, rife with 11/9 , 26/11, 2002, and more. Seeing all this a commoner like me would wonder what to do, how to respond? The idea of writing a trilogy on combating the root cause of all this violence, religion based communalism, germinated from this helplessness of a commoner.

RMS: What made you write “The Thorough Check”?

VTR: As explained above, I had decided to fight out against communalism, but not by castigating anyone. Instead of showcasing somebody as a villain, I wanted to explore the genesis of such schism in the name of different Gods. And the attack on Tajmahal Hotel and my favourite city Mumbai, was the last thing the die-hard Indian inside me could digest. “The Thorough Check” is a humble effort to quell the fundamentalism which is fast eclipsing the humanity in our ancient and all-embracing culture.

RMS:  Do you think the social message you are trying to convey will change people’s thought process? If yes, how and why?

VTR: This is only a humble effort, reminiscent of that little squirrel in Ramayana. I have always believed that even the tiniest effort, if done with utmost sincerity, will be acknowledged by God. I am confident of the right-minded people in this country, who will take the message forward.

RMS: Are you planning on writing another book? Could you share some insights?

VTR: My second book of this trilogy, “Deliverance of Sarpameru” is having it’s finishing touches and will be published very soon. It narrates the story of a picturesque land, corrupted by the religions, but rescued by humanity.

RMS: Could you share some text from the upcoming book?

VTR: Sure, will send you in an email.

RMS: Wish you all the success for your books.

Snippet from his upcoming book: “The best whiskey can only be enjoyed neat or at least on the rocks. I had my peg of Glenfiddich neat, my taste buds quenching up each of the droplets, as if dry earth would gobble up the fresh rains after the long summer. In addition, as a feather in the cap, our giant host had arranged for some of the best seafood, as Squid, Lobsters, Tiger prawns, Pomphrets were all being served hot. It was a double whammy for us. We must have spent two hours feasting and wining. Three of us  came onto the deck on the pretext of having a smoke. The boat was idling in the mid-seas. The full moon on the sky threw a satin blanket on the sea. We could see the light tower from Diu far away. We should have been 30 nautical miles away from shore. The majority of the fishing boats were nearer to the shore than us, going by the number of lights that we could count. Our cigarettes were halfway through, and they were burning faster due to the heavy wind. Faster than the cigarettes, our patience was running out. The clock was striking 11.30 p.m. and still there were no signs that we were eagerly looking for. Any more delay would hamper our plans to dodge the coast guard. Before we could further burn down our cigarettes, diagonally opposite to the light tower far into the sea, we spotted the three lights arranged in a V shape approaching us. We waited for the boats to come nearer. As a safe indication, the peripheral boats took a U-turn and sailed back into the sea. In exactly fifteen minutes, the middle boat threw the rope onto our deck.”

“We took a sojourn on a huge boulder, which was protruding into the sea. A tiring day in the office and a long walk, she seemed to be sleepy. Or did she always have those sleepy eyes? I had never noticed her so closely; or rather, I never got the chance before. The waves were persistently lashing against the obstinate rock, thinking one day it will overcome that obstacle. The splatters of the waves were shining under the moonlight as if they were made of silver. The last batch of seagulls passed over us, moving away quickly lest they disturb our privacy. Her lips were appearing larger and larger to me. She was pretentiously looking at the distant light possibly from a ship, as if unaware of what was going on inside my mind. Suddenly, a spray of water loomed onto our faces and in a reflex action, she leaned onto me, holding my hands. The softness of her hand or the seductive fragrance of her perfume, or was it the romantic aura of the night, I don’t know. Next thing, I knew was the passionate kiss on her lips. When sense prevailed in me to check what was her reaction, she was all over encompassing my body, like a creeper to a trunk. The virulent sea seemed to be all-silent for a while, in comparison to our loud heartbeats. We paused for a fraction of a second, and then violently continued the kiss, this time, I lifting her up in my arms. Her body appeared to be extremely lightweight, hopefully because of the sudden masculinity surging through me. She was in no mood to get out of my embrace even after our primitive lip lock ended. It was as if she got hold of something she was yearning for many years. We conveniently slipped into the big gap between the boulders, and the moon acted as a perfect gentleman, shying away behind the clouds.”

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