Journey to launch your first book

Most authors who have pen down their thoughts / creativity to Publish their book have realised – it is a lot of effort.

Authors need to treat the book as their product or a service and they are the creator. While creating a piece of art an artist expects (most of them do) it to be appreciated, either in cash / kinds or clicks (digital world) or success of some kinds. If we compare it to running a business, a businessman is looking for profits and customer satisfaction. To run a business, one needs a vision and people who would drive his vision to success. Every business, similar to Publishing a book, takes time to build and make it successful. Now, not every business is successful. Infact, most of them fail.

So, what’s the key element to track once you have written a book – Readers? Readers who are out of your immediate circle. How does one reach out? Ask people in your immediate circle to spread the word. Typical concerns – is that scalable and repeatable? Most likely the answer is NO. The answer is explore, learn, and leverage Digital medium i.e. Social Media.

A question come to mind – How many people know the true value or Social Media to invest time and money in leveraging Social Media? More than 90% of Authors we have met are unaware of true elements of Social Media. It’s beyond Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and similar. Can you learn and master these services? Probably Yes! Is that something  you as an Author would like to do? No.

While you may want to leverage services of Readmystori, you should continue to spend time to:

  • understand the publishing domain
  • read blogs, create blog rolls, consider recommendations, best practices followed by others
  • connect with local and online book reading clubs. For e.g. @TSBC on Twitter (The Sunday Book Club) operating out of Mumbai.
  • attend events (e.g. Literary Festivals)

It’s not a sure shot route to success, that said, makes you aware of the eco-system around you as an Author who want to be successful.

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