Message from Founders

As readers move towards reading more digital content especially via mobile devices such as iPads or Smartphones, it opens up channels for Authors to connect with readers and seek their contribution in creating engaging books (in digital world eBooks).

Readmystori addresses needs of Readers, Authors, and Publishers. A digital platform for readers which engages, enables contribution, and brings joy while reading. Authors is able to reach out to readers via this digital platform. Publishers and Authors get collective feedback from a wider set of readers (and not a typical set of readers) enabling them to churn more engaging content in their books.

Up until now, Readmystori was in a stealth mode and now reaching out to all three sets of groups (Readers, Authors, and Publishers).


With the world (including India) moving to digital platforms and our rooms getting filled with other stuff along with books, its becoming imperative that we start engaging with eBooks. For most ardent readers it is still difficult to move away from “tactile” factors of reading printed books, that said, multi-fold sales of mobile devices every year is indicating movement towards a different medium of reading.

If you are frequent traveler, take a look around at the Airport or Station. Majority of them are reading on digital devices (more often than not the device would be either an Apple or Android). Another example would be kids of this generation, they have figured out a device in no time and probably are teaching elders how to use it. To engage with readers of next generation, we need to connect with them via a different medium i.e. digital books.

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